Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late 1 Month Update

I had already posted this to YouTube I just never attached it to my blog so here's my 1 Month Update guys Month 2 Coming Soon 1/29/11 =]


Cheri Gabrielle said...

ah! i'm in love with your sisterlocs! I don't have many followers myself but the way I did gain more was being featured on

I can also feature you on my blog. Maybe that'll help get you a couple of followers as well.

computerloveb said...

Thank you! =] I found you through the feature on iRockLocks as well and your locs are awesome I was hoping once I get a little further into my journey I would be featured on some blogs. Also thank you for your offer to feature me that would be really cool I will be sure to fill out the questionnaire. Happy locing!! =D

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