Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh brave new B!! =]

Greetings fellow bloggers I am here to tell you about my hair care past and share with you my new hair care journey. I am a 22 year old full time college student and upon recent events I began to think about locking my hair but starting from the beginning so maybe we can get better acquainted.
I started getting relaxers at a young age because like most my mom simply couldnt manage my hair otherwise (we tried the hotcomb but  after getting burned once I wasnt havin it lol). I went through grade school wearing mostly braids until the 6th grade when I went to visit my aunt for the summer. Because my aunts hair is so fine she typically went to a white salon so when it came time for a new hair do I was sent there where they proceeded to cut my hair into a bob and relax my hair then flat iron it (I know right =[ ). After going to my grandmothers house she saw my hair and immediately took me to her beautician who cut my hair again and nursed it back to a managable state I wore a short Halle Berry styled cut all through middle school. In the 9th grade I worked in a salon as a shampoo tech and kept my hair regularly done from quick weaves to short cuts to braids funny though even though I worked in a salon I was never happy with the condition of my hair. At the end of 9th grade I got braids again and wore them this time until I grew out my perm and my braider volunteered to cut the relaxed ends. I wish I would have stayed natural but I did not know how to manage this foriegn and frequently relaxed hair......I was still unhappy, so I went back to my grandmothers stylist to get a relaxer and a weave. My hair grew about shoulder length and became very healthy (according to permie standards ) so I was finally confident enough to wear my hair weave free and wrapped this lasted for about a year until my hair began to break off again and I got a nice sized patch in the back of my head due to stress. Back to braids I went and I became natural once again, still unsure on how to take care of this natural hair I had my hair relaxed again and done for my senior prom. The stylist who relaxed my hair was my ex's moms suggestion and I know she meant well but after seeing my hair become thinner and thinner and listening to the stylist blame burned out edges and thin hair on me I knew it was time to move on. My last stylist nursed my hair back to a healthy point but it was still nothing like its health in the 9th grade my hair was significantly shorter in the front than in the back and still pretty thin when I did wear my hair the front consisted of a weave and the back was mine, I had run out of options seems weave was the only way.
Then an angel entered my life =] a 27 year old sista working at her doctorate and rocking her locks like no other I admired them asked questions and researched, locking had crossed my mind before but the thought of starting over again was a bit frustrating. Amongst my research I found Sisterlocks which can be started with permed ends I was excited and became even more excited when I discovered this is how my friend started and she said she felt it was the best way to start out. I appreciate her so much even upon asking her questions she made it known she would not encourage me because this was a decision I needed to make based on me and I respect her so much for that because amongst my reading I really did see this is a journey.
Insanity- doing something over and over again expecting a different result. Hmmm, seeing as how im not insane I'd say its time for a real change and to take charge of my hair its time to go natural. Of course I ran it by a few family members and friends most of which were nay sayers but some were right on board, regardless of the opinions I had pretty much made my decision. I went on the Sisterlocks site and proceeded to find a loctician to make an appt. for my consultation at Johadeni Nappi LLC. with Ms. Johnnia Mitchell.
The day of my consult we sat and discussed my hair care history some of hers and I really felt a connect someone who was finally interested in my hair and its health chemical free!! The night before I took down some braids and washed and braided down my hair, wearing a headwrap the next day. She took off the headwrap and marveled at the thick natural hair hiding under the stringy permed ends she told me how beautiful my hair was and said it should be locked within the first 4 months. She then put in 3 tests locks and gave me instructions until I came in for my session which  unfortunately isnt until 10/29/10 and the okay to braid my get back until I can come in. I will be washing my hair (test locks) every two weeks until my big day!! =]
So here I sit test locks installed and awaiting my journey to begin so many emotions come into play as I think about the installation and growth of my locks. Join me ladies and gents on my journey to hair freedom =] Will post pics later =p