Thursday, January 13, 2011

Locspiration 2

The color on the ladies in the first two pics is AMAZING...I've never dyed my hair before but when I get ready to take that step I think this is the direction I'll take it in =] *sigh* I'm in love!! =D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late 1 Month Update

I had already posted this to YouTube I just never attached it to my blog so here's my 1 Month Update guys Month 2 Coming Soon 1/29/11 =]


I'm like Weezy dont worry about whats in my cup lol

Greetings fellow bloggers im doing pretty well with this whole blogging thing huh? If only I could find a way to gain more follwers.....
Anywho this week school started and boy lemme tell ya....this is going to be one heck of a semester. I know I probably shouldnt be complaining because I know my courses will become more difficult as I climb this mountain toward possibly a Ph.D.....but BOY OH BOY in Physics there are only 4 tests including the exam and in Calc II 3 tests including the exam....seems pretty intense given the fact that all my previous classes included homework papers and/or projects and not JUST tests. I could be over reacting but this is very new to me and I'm still figuring how to tackle the whole process. Either way I have to figure out something because this is my last semester I HAVE to make A's and B's NO C's to get into my college of choice so its go hard or go home. Strangely enough I work more diligently in a library where I feel everyone else is working and there are not many distractions so I may try to develop a habit of going there everyday to study and do homework we'll see how that works. Hmmm I may even keep a 30 day log of it.....they say it takes 30 days to develop a hours at work got cut back drastically since the holidays and I was pretty upset about it at first but now I'm pretty stoked about it now that I know the logistics of my coursework.
It's now like 2 a.m. and I'm up doing homework and blogging lol. I drank less than half a Redline (energy drink) around 3:30 and I'm still wired after running 2 miles!!! I guess because I'm small/short that my serving size should be cut in half because I went to class after which is like 1 1/2 hr. and I was still super jittery. I'll probably be up for a couple more hours before I try and force myself to sleep.
Well I'd better get back to it i'm actually almost done with my homework so I may blog stalk a little before I crash.

Happy Early Hump Day All =]


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Window Seat Please??

Keep in mind that i'm an artist.... and i'm sensitive bout my shit
I know the lighting sucks but I'm working on it.

Locspiration 1

I See You New Year....I See You Resolution!

This picture shows how I'm feeling today it is by the beautiful and amazing Dawn Okoro whom I stumbled upon while blog stalking ;] Soooo i've been waiting on a seat to open for a Calc II class because the one I had initially enrolled in only had 5 seats filled and classes start on the 10th...not a good sign. To me this says either A the teacher sucks or B Hes new. So I commenced the seat watching for a teacher that was supposed to be pretty good and took a little initiative and emailed said teacher as well as talked to the department head who gave me the advice to watch out last night for dropped seats from students who probably couldn't pay tuition. This morning I woke up to 1 open seat I jumped on it like a sale at Wet Seal lol...all I could do was thank God.... good lookin out J.C. =] The only thing that really mattered to me is getting into a good class to assist me in my academic success as I finish at this God forsaken community college in May...Lord knows I can't wait to get up out of there. I know going to a university will be more challenging but I think I'm ready for it I'm ready for it. In case you were wondering I'm going to study Computer Science =] I'm excited... I love to create things but you guys will find that out in time.

In other belated holidays everyone! I know I have only done like 2 posts since I've had this thing but I'm trying to get better because I actually like blogging =]. I've made a few vlogs though so thumbs up for that. I'll be playing more with my blog and amping it up to gain more followers as well as write about other things besides sisterlocks I have so many interesting things going on this year that I'd like to share it with you....or at least document it. This should be fun.

Anywho I'll be posting my vlogs on here as well as some art and various other cool things hope you like it =]