Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hair, School and Other Thangs

Hello ladies and gents, its been a little while since I've posted so I will proceed to update you on whats been going on with me lately.
Well first off I've been living in the library...I had a physics test today and lets just say I dont want to talk about it right now lol. But I know one thing I need a tutor, the horrible thing

about that is there aren't really any tutors I can hire, you know like through an independent company, the only ones readily available are on campus which sounds great but it really isnt based on the fact that theres about 1 tutor for every 5 students and you have to sign in and wait in line for every problem you get help on. UGGGHH I get frustrated just thinking about it but....I must do what is necessary, this is my last semester before I take the stepping stone to the big girl school. =] I have no idea why the thought of being in my last semester for my A.A. is so terrifying yet exciting. I've really been praying about my fear though because I feel that is the one thing that could hold me back. Hmmm.....

In other news this is my birthday month so I'm ready to PAARRTTTAAAYYYY given the fact that this is the only real partying I can do till the end of the semester. A friend of mine wants to go half on a vip together since her birthday is 5 days after mine but I'm on the fence about that $150 for my end which is pretty good BUT I dont have that many friends here to be shellin out $150 for other people to get in free and have fun lol. Does that sound selfish?? Naaahh lol. I'm really trying to keep my spending under control because next month I will be going to Europe =D YAYYY!!!

lol It has almost been ten years I went 4th of July weekend the last time I was 13 this year we'll be going in the spring. I'M EXCITED!! My dad is turning 50 so he wants to celebrate in Europe with me his partner and my cousin his niece Imani. We will be traveling to London, Paris and will be my first time in Versailles and I've been ogling over the movie Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst I love all of the colors I wish I could live in that movie *sigh*

On to the hair update today I also got my hair re tightened and I can definitely tell its growing.. it makes me happy. I'll post pics when I decided what to do with this head of mine. Any who here is an attempt at a comparison shot lol sorry for the horrible pic quality in month 1 =/ and also my youtube update video enjoy =]


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